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its past 10 its past my bed time i need to sleep now


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hebikyu replied to your post “hebikyu replied to your post “ok but think about it. what type of…”

who knows if this is a scam or not but i still feel bad for attendees because they just wanted to have a good time and all they got was a 17 000$ ball pit and some cancellations


whatever happened it should not have been the attendees or other peoples obligation to deal with this disaster

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hebikyu;  especially cuz it was apparently wicked expensive and people came from all over;  
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places;  spain;  interiors;  i was trying to explain this building to my mom the other day;  and she was just like ??? i dont get it why would someone go to a giant empty building made of glass;  and i tried so hard to convince her that it was really amazing and breathtaking when youre in it but i dont think she understood;  
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ABE CRIES SO EASILY he cried when he thought of how hard mihashi worked he cried when mihashi thanked him during a game he would probably cry once he and mihashi start dating then he’d cry the first time mihashi says “i love you” i cnt believe this dork

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feeling kin d a tired lately. , , 

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hebikyu replied to your post “ok but think about it. what type of hotel puts things like how to pay…”

it’s actually dashcon’s fault, the hotel has no sort of policy that dashcon described as you had to have already paid the hotel 5 days in advance if u look up a dashcon masterpost you’ll find the lack of transparency and shadiness of the organizers

i think the organizers are absolutely at fault for so many things. and the shadiness and unprofessionalism of this whole thing is appalling. as far as ive read (which isnt much so i could be completely wrong) the 5 days in advance thing is just typical of cons, so its probably true for dashcon, but no one really knows

honestly i cant see someone trying to pull this as like a scam to get themselves money (although this is totally a possibility), but its probably something where they needed money for something quickly (like paying their guests and other hotel fees which probably werent payed in advanced) and used this as a cover. in all honesty i have no idea and i dislike saying things without knowing the whole story

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hebikyu;  this whole thing is surreal who the fuck knows whats going on;  but i trust you on this;  

ok but think about it. what type of hotel puts things like how to pay in stupid small print when the apparent thinking theretofore was that it could be payed in installments and then asks just a few hours before the money is all due for 20k 

like i understand that the convention people should have read the fine print and had like a legal person or something, but the management of this hotel were also being deliberately clandestine and unclear

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this is just how i understand it and what ive heard;  i could be wrong about these details;  


Sod roof houses in Vik, Iceland. Photo by Gilles Baldet. The birdhouses are my favorite detail.

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[TEASER] Block B H.E.R. Concept Photo

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good to know they didnt have to spend the time editing kyungs head to make it bigger;  block b;  

so like yama kei is just like wearing hiking clothes?? but like brightly colored? 

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what is it?;  i feel like i fit this style already;  or is it like rock climbing?;  i know yama means mountains;  


Noiz thinkin bout how good windows are for fucking your boyfriend against

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how dare you tag me in this;  dmmd;  


  Kåre Gade

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wonder rocket

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